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ISBN Title Author Binding Price Pub Date Availability Publisher
9781909147072 Bodybuilding Emperor Ebook 0.99 30-Jun-2012 IP Emperor
9781909147065 Time Frontier Emperor Ebook 4.99 01-Dec-2022 NP Emperor
9781909147058 Perceivers Emperor Ebook 9.99 01-Jan-2021 NP Emperor
9781909147041 Hellwatcher Emperor Ebook 4.99 01-Dec-2021 NP Emperor
9781909147034 Wayfarer: Spaceship Emperor Ebook 1.99 01-Dec-2020 NP Emperor
9781909147027 Crown of Thunder, The Emperor Ebook 9.99 01-Dec-2020 NP Emperor
9781909147003 Cyborg Rebellion Emperor Ebook 1.99 15-Mar-2012 IP Emperor